High Quality M15 Stereo Music Home Theater

High Quality M15 Stereo Music Home Theater

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High Quality M15 Stereo Music Home Theater


1.Integrated home theater system, M15 = 1 set of combination speakers with Dolby Atmos7.1.2 + 1 amplifier + 1 master tape music player + 1 decoder + 1 Blu-ray media player + 1 network TV Box+ 1 network storage.

2.5.8G wireless transmission

3.Automatic poster wall,let you experience a different movie selecting process.





Quad core 64Bit ARM Cortex-A53


multi-core GPU Mali T720



Speaker Main Speaker(total 11pcs speakers)

Noise Ratio

93d B




25W/channel THD=1%

Surround Speaker   (2pcs with 4 pcs speakers)

Noise Ratio

93d B




25W/channel THD=1%

Subwoofer Speaker(1pcs with 3pcs speakers)




300W (RMS)

System Planning


EGUI 2.0

Disk format



SRT, SSA, PGS (Built-in), SMI

Intelligent Home Control

Control4 TCP/IP Intelligent Control RS232 Intelligent Control Infrared signal control

All the equipment of M15 has the appearance and exquisite craftsmanship, and all adopt the drawing process of aviation aluminum material. The appearance still continues the design style of traditional high-end speakers, expressing the awe of professional audio and video.

In order to allow users to experience more dimensional stereo, the Eager M15 includes eight immersive panoramic sound units in the main cabinet, including full-frequency center channel X1, full-frequency left and right channels X2 The left and right sides of the full frequency surround X2 and the top sky channel X2. Each channel is 50W and the cavity is independent of each other. It has sufficient audio output power to meet the dynamic and sound requirements of private home theaters.

In addition, in terms of video functions, the main box is also embedded with a number of core components such as 4K / 3D Blu-ray players, digital amplifiers, DSP digital audio processors, and intelligent control centers. It has a strong 7.1.2 panoramic sound. Audio and video decoding function. The hardware configuration adopts TI ’s C6000 floating-point audio DSP hardware decoding and Burr-Brown high-fidelity digital power amplifier chip.

M15.hdd tray

The dual hard disk compartments are located on both sides of the main box and have dual SATA 3.0 large-capacity storage interfaces. The design of double-bay instead of single-bay allows each member of the family to enjoy personal photo library space. The M15 can also connect to the NAS to form a larger local family archive library.

M15.led pannel

The bottom display area is an LED panel, which mainly provides visual feedback of the operating status of the device, allowing users to clarify the status of the device at any time.


Even if the lights are turned off at night to watch movies, the unobtrusive clock display allows users to know the time at any time, which is convenient and comfortable, and can also be turned on or off by using the remote control buttons or software settings.


The back of the main box: a Gigabit LAN port, a USB2.0 interface, a USB3.0 interface, two HDMI inputs, an HDMI output interface, and an Equal Karaoke input port.

M15.speaker system

With only four devices, you can build a panoramic sound output of 7.1.2 instead of the common 5.1.2 sound effect, mainly due to the sky channel unit speakers, that is, the overhead speakers that sound upward, which can be achieved through virtual feedback. Create a sound field in the upper space of the living room, perfectly replicate the surround sound effects of high-end cinemas, and realize a full range of immersive movie viewing experience.

Main box parameters:

Size: 1196 X167 X110.6mm

Speaker unit

Left and right channels (1 inch treble + 4 inches mid bass) X2

Center channel (1 inch treble + 4 inches mid bass) X2

Side surround 3 inch full range X 2

Overhead channel 3 inch full range X2

Frequency response (-3dB)

Left and right channels 100-20KHz

Center channel 100-20KHz

Side surround 150-20KHz

Overhead channel 150-20KHz

Signal to noise ratio: 93dB

Harmonic distortion 0.30%

Power 50W / channel, THD = 1%

Overall power rating 700W

Surround box parameters

Size: 135x243.5x110.6mm

Speaker unit: 1 inch treble + 4 inches mid bass

Rear right surround 1 inch treble + 4 inches mid bass

Frequency response (-3dB): left rear surround 100-20KHz

Back right surround 100-20KHz

Signal to noise ratio: 93dB

Harmonic distortion: 0.30%

Power: 25W per channel, THD = 1%

Subwoofer parameters

Size: 329x289x298mm

Speaker unit Bass 8-inch subwoofer x3

Frequency response (-3dB) 26-200Hz

Signal to noise ratio: 97dB

Harmonic distortion 0.07%

Power 300W (RMS)

Here is a video, maybe it is useful for you

Egreat M15












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