2019 Egreat H10 HDMI Switcher With 2 Input 1 Output

Egreat has devoted on enthusiastic audio and video media player developing and producing for more than 10 years. We always keep exploring high-quality blue-ray HDD media player, home theater media player, android TV box, etc.

Product Details

HDMI Switcher with 2 Input 1 Output 2019 Egreat H10


Can support Dolby Amos /Dolby True-D /DTS: X/ DTS-HD MA source code transfer. 

It can activate all devices of home theater. 

Competitive price offers you considerable profit margins.

HDMI Switcher with 2 Input 1 Output (2)



High Speed HDMI Splitterimage001


HDMI Supported Features 
Up to 1080p, HDCP 1.0/1.1, 12-bit Deep Color, 3D, and uncompressed/compressed audio formats are some of the newer HDMI features supported on this switch.

Optionally Powered from Connected Devices 
No power adapter is necessary to make this switch work, as long as the connected devices supply sufficient power. 

Infrared Blaster and Remote Control 
The included infrared blaster and remote control allows the switch to be controlled from a distance. Easily switch between HD devices without having to get up from your seat.



How do I get the remote to work? Is the tip of the remote supposed to light up when I press the buttons? 

I already removed that thin piece of clear plastic to allow the remote battery to contact the battery terminals. I don't know what the IR cable is for. Do I need to use the IR cable that came with the device? 

You have to plug the ir cable into the device and put the ir somewhere you can see it to aim the remote at 


Can I connect my chromecast to this then to my TV that does not have an HDMI input?
No you need to search on Amazon for an HDMI Converter that works with your tv's inputs. 
Chromecast HDMI to HDMI switch = HDMI output 
Chromcast HDMI to HDMI Converter = Older TV's get picture 

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