In-Ear Wireless Without Charging Box EARBUDS

Music Play/Pause: Open the phone player. When the earphones are connected to the phone, click the touch area of the L earphone or R earphone 2.Song switching to prev/next song: Double-click when in the music playback mode L earphone touch area to switch to the previous track; Double-click the R earphone touch button area to switch to the next track. 3.Answer/hang up the phone: When the earphone is connected to the phone, double-click the touch button area of the L or R earphone. 4. Reject the call: Press and hold for 2 seconds in the incomming call state L or R earphone touch button area. 5. Volume adjustment: Press the L earphone touch button area when entering th music playback mode, the volume can be gradually reduced (-). Press the R earphone touch button area to gradually increase the volume(+). When the volume is adjusted to the maximum volume there will be an alarm tone.

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TW40 In-Ear Wireless without Charging Box EARBUDS


1.This unit must be charged with the original charging cable. The MICRO USB cable should be connected to a 5V (1A-2A) power adapter and a 5V (1A-2A) car charging head. 

It is recommended to charge the charging box with a power adapter of 2A or less.

2.Please pay attention to using the original charger or computer port to charge the unit. 

Do not use cheap and inferior chargers.

3.Bluetooth products are affected by the use environment and connection distance.

Please do not use in strong electromagnetic interference and radiation environments.

4.If your bluetooth earphones are not used for a long time, please charge it in about 30 days to prevent failure to start due to lack of electricity.

5.We may make the changes for this product without prior notice to you for the software or the hardware upgrade and modification, please refer to the actual product as final.

Advanced BT Technology:

True wireless (TWS) BT technology ensures transmitting strong signal in high quality & high speed and offering high-fidelity stereo music.

TWS BT Design:

Wireless dual ear stereo design, left and right ear channel separation. You can use the Left and Right ear earphone solely, or use in pairs.

HD Microphone:

High-sensitivity microphone reduces ambient noises and grasps the detail of voice, ideal for in-car calling or working use. 

Charging Box:

The charging box can charge for the earphones and can be used as a perfect storage case for them, protecting them from damages.

Wireless Charging: 

simply place it on the wireless charger pad for carging. The charging contact is on the side where the charging port is located.

Multi-point Connection:

It can simultaneously connect two smarts phone. So you can seamlessly switch between your business and personal phones

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TW40 Tws Mini Bluetooth Headphone for Smart Phone

1. Listening to music, support music and phone calls,

2. Caller ID, last call back, voice prompts in English, download, pair, power off the phone will be low voice prompts;

3. Phone power display, you can always look at the headset, do not worry about the headset without electricity, to make your life hectic;

4. The Bluetooth headset is connected to the phone every time after turning off, and then open the bluetooth headset is automatically connected to the phone, but also more convenient;

5. Intelligent Compatibility: Support everyone with a Bluetooth mobile phone, tablet, laptop singing it, QQ music, movies, etc., all mobile phone;

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