New product Wireless Phone Power Charging

1. Use the latest wireless charging technology, the maximum output power is up to 5w or 10w, bring you a new and fast charging experience. 2. Can be used as an adjustable mobile phone stand, suitable to be placed at home, office and hotel, better meet the needs of users.

Product Details

New Design Wireless Phone Power Charging

1. Input: 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A(Need to cooperate with qc3.0 charger
2. Output : 10W(max)
3. Material: ABS+ PC+ Silicon
4.Dimension: R5.016*H1.85(cm)
5. Unit Packaging Size: 145 *110*29mm
6. Net weight
:0.17kg  Gross Weight: 0.216kg
Wireless charger for charging device is the use of electromagnetic induction principle, the principle and the transformer, through the sending and receiving end each placed a coil, the sender coil in power to the outside world under the action of a electromagnetic signals, the receiver coil receive electromagnetic signals and the electromagnetic signal into electric current, so as to achieve the goal of wireless charging.Wireless charging technology is a special way of power supply, it does not need power cord, relies on electromagnetic wave propagation, and then converts electromagnetic wave energy into electrical energy, and finally realizes wireless charging.

Product Detail:

Q: How long is your product warranty?

A: 12 months for the warranty

Q: When can I get the product?

A: Normally we will ship out your product once you paid, it will cost your around 5-7 working day.

Q: Can I order sample?

A: Yes, you can

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