Best Phone Holder With Wireless Charger

5. Easy access to lightning port. You can listen to music or take calls while keep your phone poweredup simultaneously. 6. Smart Led indicator. Easy to check how much juice left by pressing power button 3seconds to turn on/off before you go. 7. Charger priority. If the phone is installed in the battery case, it will charge the phone first. Afer the phone is fully charged, it will charge the battery case. 8. Sleek and portable design. It fits well to your hand and pocket and you don't feel too much weight.

Product Details

2019 best car phone holder with wireless charging

Features : 

1. Easy to Use. With the com of Soft TPU and ABS material, it will be easy to istall or remove your phone.Greatly decrease the defect rates of maloperation. 

2. Get rid of cables and enjoy brand new wireless charging experience. 

3. Extended battery life of your phone up to 80%. 

4. 360° protective Case provides optimal Screen protection with 8mm raised edge


1.Battery Cell: Li-Polymer   A Grade 

2.Capacity: 4500mAh

3.Recharging Time: 3~4 hours

4. Type C Input : 5V/1-2A 

5. Wireless Output : Qi 5W

6. Dimension: 148*75*18.4mm


8.Finish: rubberized or fabric coating  

9.Charge &sync

Product Image:



1. Sample Package: PE bag is free and each individual inside with PE bag is fine if customer required.

2. Customized Package: Welcome and we could do any customized package for you. 

2019 best car phone holder with wireless charging For iPhone max

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