Wireless Stereo Audio Adapter Car Kit For TV

◆ The appearance of the product is beautiful. ◆ Adopt CSR8675 high-end chip design. ◆ CSR's latest ANC noise reduction and echo cancellation technology ◆ Support TX dual stream, RX multi-point connection.

Product Details


◆ SPDIF, I2S audio input / output interface, free to switch

◆ Built-in rechargeable battery, long battery life

◆ Support TWS (left and right channel separation)

◆ The product connection is simple, without any cumbersome driving and downloading APP;

Bluetooth Audio Adapter Kit for TV


1. Q: What is the Input/output connection mode ?  

A: Our product is using SPDIF interface, I2S AUX interface mode . 

2. Q: What is your device’s charging time ? 

A: Usually charging for about 3 hou

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