3.5mm Wireless Adapter For Car Stereo

Operating time in receiver mode: 22 hours Operating time in transmitter mode: 26 hours Charging time: 3 hours Transmission range: within 10m Audio coding: TX- aptX HD, aptX Low latency, aptX SBC Audio coding: RX- aptX HD, aptX Low latency, aptX SBC, ACC

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3.5mm Wireless Adapter for Car Stereo 2020 b19 transmitter receiver 


Optical + RCA + 3.5MM: Apart from 3.5mm Aux / RCA Connection, Generic Bluetooth adapter also supports optical cable (Toslink / SPDIF) input/output. With provided optical cable, you can enjoy high-quality digital sound through multiple audio outputs, such as wired stereo speakers or headphones.

TX mode (transmitter mode):

1. Change the button to "TX".

2. Pair the device with a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker.

3. Connect our device to a non-Bluetooth multimedia device (eg MP3 / CD / DVD / TV player, etc.) using 3.5mm audio cable or RCA cable.

4. Enjoy music through Bluetooth speakers / Bluetooth headphones on non-Bluetooth multimedia devices!

Note: We do not recommend pairing two same brand Bluetooth headsets with our device, otherwise they may interfere with each other. However, if you use two different brands, that's fine.

1. Charging is necessary for first use. It can be fully charged for about 3 hours. The LED lights up red during charging and turns off when it is fully charged,

2. The optical terminal and AUX terminal cannot be used at the same time. Please note that digital output cannot be done simultaneously when digital input.

3. In order use aptX HD and aptX LL, your bluetooth headphones and speaker need to have aptX HD and aptX LL function. Otherwise codec will automatically be aptX or SBC.

Under TX mode, 2 Bluetooth headphones can be paired at once so parents can watch in silence and give children a needed break . Under RX mode, 2 smart devices can be paired for playing different songs. Record 8 devices and automatically re-pairing with existing paired devices.

Auto-Turn Off: In RX or TX mode, The it will automatically turn off if there is no devices to be connected within 10 mins.


Bluetooth Version - 5.0, Class 2

600mAh Rechargeable Lithium battery

Product Image:

Audio Transmitter and Receiver (5)


1) How long will it take to deliver goods?

***We will deliver the goods within 3-5 days for usb cables and phone case, other goods maybe take a little more times to test and prepare, we will deliver the goods within the deadline which both parties agreed.

2) What kind of packaging you offer?

***We will pack the goods well with exporting packages to make sure all goods in a good condition during storage and delivery. 

3) What Locations can you ship to?

***We can send the goods to the whole world if the express way can deliver it.

3.5mm Wireless Adapter for Car Stereo 2020 b19 transmitter receiver 

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